Dec 17, 2008

Balance Your Life In The Modern Era

         At an modern era like today, life become complicated,  hard life and competition, cause our healthy become bad, even sometimes can cause stress in our life. That's will happen because our body system harmony and mind was mix up.
       Life balance is a things you can feel and happen from inside, because of that we have to learn how to manage that balance from the inside, better you know what to balance about. People itself  has 3 components such as : body, mind and soul or spirit (mood). That 3 components are one units who mention as holistic or overall. Below are the 3 component to balance your life :
Healthy body
          You can have a health body with an healthy lifestyle and have a good vitamins, enough rest, and do the exercise routinely.
Healthy mind
          People with an healthy mind have some signs such as, relax, clear, and calm.
Healthy soul (mood)
           Happen when people feel sincere, peaceful, and surrender. At zero point stress, people can be optimum with their own.

         Body, mind and soul related with the body organs, so that energy vitality of  life make body, mind and soul become one and affect each other.

        Following are the key to have an healthy life and balance for modern people :

Do the attention exercise here and now

        Try to do an exercise here and now, so you will free from mind and mood, but sometimes mind and mood its not always here with our body. Forget everything whose there on your mind with KISS IT NOW or Keep It Simple Stay In The Now, meaning just life in today, here, and now. Take a deep breath, everything will stop and become real and we know is it real or not.

Do the stop exercise and relax

        Meaning, spare just a little time for relax where ever you are. Therefore the way to do the stop exercise and relax are with 478 breath techniques. Here is the techniques :
  • Breath through your nose slowly, then count until 4 times (in heart).
  • Hold the breath until 7 times count, all the body must stay relax.
  • Blow the breath from mouth until 8 times count, with 'ha' murmur from mouth, then count it out 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Repeat that exercise for about 5-7 minutes. When you do the exercise, the better position sit down and relax, no strain shoulder, lean on the chair, and put your both palm on your lap or you can also do the exercise in a standing position, straight position and relax, close your eyes to make it easy to concentrate. This exercise you can do anytime.
Do the stress lose and emotion exercise 
       Emotional stress release can be do with stages, such as :
  • Sit down and relax, shoulder lean, feet on the floor, right hand straight to your side, lock your shoulder, asking your friend to press your right hand use two finger, three, four and five finger. When its press, remember the most negative problem you have.
  • Close eyes and touch the forehead lightly with one or two fingers on your eyebrows and focus with the problem
  • Remember the most negative problem who make you angry or sad. Don't try become positive when your mind flying and dreaming. When our mind become light then we finish. Try this process about 1-20 minutes. 
Good Luck !!!!!

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