Dec 17, 2008

Success In Bussines

Start a new bussines is one of of the choice you should consider about with a serious way, because it has a high risk. What you should do then ?????
  • Remember, the first purpose in business is get a profit, and to reach that profit you have to give service or product according to the customers needs. Service or product must have an extra point or unique compare with your competitor
  • Learn from book, another person who success in business and attend various seminar or workshop periodically. you can learn from their mistakes and their success.
  • You will need much more money to get start on business. Just realize, the first month profit have to get back to its business to maintain the business in the future.
  • The first thing you have to do the business by yourself. Start it with understanding and learn about basic purchasing, bookkepping, and public relation.
  • And the important thing to remember just be creative, always follow to the business develop around us.
Counting before you start the business, that's very important to do, so you always do everything carefully and aware of your financial ability.

Key Of Success Business

Follow the development era
participate with the organization who related with your business. ind the information about your business as much as possible to help develop your business.

Make a financial planning
Record every income and expenditure every day. Make an short and long planning for your business, don't ever give exception for your financial.

Estimate for the cash flow
You should be able to make an estimate your cash flow at least for the next three month. Don't make an expenditure budget higher than income.

Find a board of advisor and an expert to give advice, ideas, or criticism for your product or your business. They could be your friends or family who you can trust with.

Keep the balance between your work, leisure and family.
Do everything with the balance to keep your healthy, so you can have a maximal result for your business.

Develop your network and have an relation with people who related with your business and support your business as well.

Discipline or motivation
The hard thing to run a business is discipline or motivation to work regularly. To avoid that things, just make a list of what to do today and tomorrow. Specify the target you have to reach for a week.

Love your work or business and never easy give up for your failed.

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