Jan 19, 2009

60 Second To Get Success

When you read that sentences, what's in your mind for the first time? It's sounds impossible thing, is not it? That what I was thinking about when the first time I read a book "60 Second To Get Success" by Vincent Friedman and Clara Schiffer. "60 Second To Get Success" can be use as a tips to get started with what you want to do now and also its can be use as a work book to get a plan what we will take for the next level. No matter how you use this book, still you have to apply the tips from the book. This is a summary who I take from the book who maybe useful for all of you.

Know What You Want In Your Life

Know what you want in your life are the most important thing you should do. Success is getting what you want. It's need time to understand what you want in your life.One of the tragedy in your life is when many people who reached a success in but they're just can not enjoy their success, because their never ask with them self about what they're like or want in they're life. Only half of the people who know what they're want in their life but the other likely have the same goal, such as have much money, etc. Asking yourself , if you like to start the day with a new life, will you choose to work, study or do a business.


We can change our future , if we have the courage to change our purpose. If  we decide we want to have something difference from we have now, consider it first what we want to achieve the differences in our life as we dream then start to make a plan for the next step and the most important thing is start to implement the plans that have been made.

Things We Have To do Every Day

Ask our self every day "how we can be better....? anything you want, for the better result just review what we have done. Remind our self everyday that we want something better and that's something important to do.
Start and end your day with positive things. Make an better and positive idea than yesterday, write it down the positive things we can do before sleep or after sleep, so we can sleep well and make our feeling much better and it will help to improve our productivity.


Do the small thing to get a bigger thing. The big success is after we success then we can achieve the bigger success than before. Better we try hard more after we get success than after our failed because because our self-confidence will increase after achieving success.

Work Hard

If  we like to do something whose the other person don't, we will get something who the other not. If  we like something prepared better than the other person and work harder than the other person, then we will get an award who the other not.

Make Decision

Make an decision! if it's wrong, immediately  make the other desicion. Don't wait to long to make desicion until we get all the information we need because we never get all the information we need. Make decision with the best information we have, as soon as possible. If everything doesn't work as its plan, make a new decision.
Take Action
Let our ideas grow. We will have an ideas who come everyday. Do not let the good idea of you pass without a follow up or action. Take an action when the ideas come to you before you forget the ideas and you will lost the chance to get success from that ideas.
Perseverance is the important thing you have to do. Never think that the small things never need perseverance. Everything you do in the life need perseverance no matter how small it is.
Ask For Help
Ask for help if you need it. Ask for help in the field you need to the person who really have skills as you need.
Use Your Talents
Use your talents as maximal as you can. Make a two or three list about what you can do, spend your time to improve the talents from the list you have made and focus with that.
Learn From Your Failed
Learn from your failed. Make you failed become your success. Don't ever give up, always try before you reached the success.

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