Jan 7, 2009

Easy Way To Remember People Name

        Many people try hard to remember the others people names, especially if they just meet or know each other. And remember some one name, make them feel so special and if you do your own business or work as public relation or other job who related with many people that's a fortune if you can call your relation with their names, its also can create a good relationship for you and your relation.
      There are some technic who I got from the book who very helpfull, there are two ways to help us easier to remember people names : create a picture and connected with someone.

Create a picture from someone name (Associate Technic)
       When you heard someone name, create or imagine a picture who related with that person name in your mind who easy for you to remember. such as : from their name, example Bill, just imagine a picture of the bill you have to pay, Jullie, imagine about jewelry, Donald, imagine about Donald duck or anything you like to make it easier to you to remember. Observed their face to get it fit with your picture and find the prominent things or specific thing on their face, so if you meet them again, their face will push you to remember the picture and their name will show up on your mind.

Hearing, Using and Review
        When you heard someone mention their name at the first time you meet, concentrate,  hearing/listening carefully and remember it. If possible mentioned their name when you talk with them as often as you can. I'm sure this way is efectif to remembering the name. Just remembering yourself about their name and face for a while before you leave them.

Using Slug Technic
        This technic who also function to help to remember someone name known as Slug, which meaning slow down the introduction. Listen to the name, use the name, go over the name. The longest time you take during the introduction, the more chance you have to remembering the name at the first time you meet, then remembering that in your mind.

Combine The Technic
         Both of associate technic or slug technic will have good function to remember the name, but for the better result or to have a stronger chance to remember the name when you meet a new person, you can  also use both of the technic at the same time.   Use the slug technic when you introduced with other person, then during the chat use the associate technic to have related between name and the person. With this technic both the name and the person will stay on your memory and will easy to remember when you meet with the person next time.

  • Take name from the newspaper or magazine everyday or find the babies name. Do the picture creating with every name you have.
  • Start with use the technic name to all the person you know, then use it to the new person.
  • When you meet the person for the first time, just take a look the specific thing at the person, such as the clothes or maybe from their face, etc.

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