Jan 24, 2009

How To Overcome The Shame

The meaning of shame is worry, uncomfortable with the situation such as : meet with new person, speak on the phone or feel difficult adapting with other person. Usually people who has the shyness always withdraw them self from social association or activity.
Shame usually come when someone feel uncomfortable with their social status, their intellectual or their appearance. The excessive shyness can be boomerang  into your life, its will loose your chance to success, so what should we do to stop the shyness feeling ?

Have a plan
The first step you have to do to handle your shyness problem is have a life plan for a short and long term, what's your goal and how to achieve its goal. such as : for a short term your goal is remove the shyness feeling from your life, be realistic and improve your intellectual, so you have a self confidence.

Change your way of thinking
Imagine that you can and sure with yourself. Other people will see if you not confident, it will give a negative impression on you. Do everything with self confidence, never see other people higher than you, see everyone equal with you. Just be a person with positive thinking.

Face the situation that raise worries
In many cases, face your excessive fear will reduce your fear, just pretend you not fear of anything. Divert your mind with something else who will make you forget with the fear. Do that every time you feel fear.

Never try to be perfect
No body perfect....if you always think to be a perfect person then you will feel fear can not to be a perfect person. Better you do everything with a confidence but never try to be a perfect one, be yourself.

Meet with new person
Face your shyness or fear problem with meet the other person as many as you can. Kill your fear feeling with meeting the other people. Do that every time the feeling comes to you, don't run from it, just face it.

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