Jan 26, 2009

Internet Business

In this modern era which is modern technology developing quickly, and the way people looking for money also developing quickly, one of them is by internet.
Compare with the other model of business (by offline method), internet has excess and reach a wider, quicker than other method.   So what's the benefit you can get if you do a business by internet?
Large target market

Do business by internet is very beneficial for all people because you have unlimited market, does not recognize state boundaries and cultural. Your target market is the world, not limited by time and distance, as long as they have internet connection.

High flexibility
Do the internet business look like a dream (money come to your pocket while you sleep), and you can also work anytime you like, as if you have twenty four hours store.

Doesn't need huge capital

This is the most important thing if you do the business. If you have no much money to start your business, you don't need to worry about. Internet offering you a business with a little money or no money, as long as you have internet connection, even if you do not have product to sell, internet will provide it to you, for free.

What's kind of business can we get from the internet?

Sell your product
If you have unique product or skill to sell, you can sell it by internet. You just have to make a web for your online store and for this business type, you should to remember about the delivery, payment system and the warranty if it lost or broken when delivery. If you still new in this type of business, better you use product in E-books type, the reason is to make you easy for the delivery.

If you not have a product or skill to sell, publisher is the type of business you can choose. You just need to make your own blog or website who contain with unique information and people need, then register it to some of the online advertising company such as : google adsense, bidvertiser,  ask2link, etc. You can placed the advertise into your web or blog. If  there are person who come to your site and click your ads, then you  will get money from the process or they pay for their ads on your website or blog. How to make your website or blog? You also can find about that information in internet.

Affiliate business
In this kind of business type, we sell the other person or company product. This type is almost similar with publisher type, only in affiliate business you have to sell a product, when someone buy that product, then you get the money 4 - 60% from the product price. To follow this product, you can join for free, example : Amazon or clikbank.

Reseller business
This type of business have similar principles with affiliate business program. The difference is we must sell one or two product, we have to register to join with this company, usually with buy their product. Usually they give you commission about 20 - 50 %.

If you know about the principles and the type of business by internet, then for the next step you have to do the business like a professional one, although you have flexible time to do the business, do your internet business like you running a company. Focus with what you do. Honest, is one of the capital you should have when you decide to do your internet business. Never give up, if you face the problem when you do the internet business. Find out your failed right away and wake up, find someone who can give you some advice.

How to increase your income from internet?

By the search engine
Visit and register your website or blog to the known search engine company, such as :
  1. Google.com/addurl.html
  2. addurl.altavista.com
  3. Yahoo.com/addurl.html
  4. MSN.com/addurl.html
  5. addme.com
  6. etc.
Advertise your website or blog
have your website or blog promotion by visit the other web or blog as much as you can, so everybody knows about your site.
Joint the community
example : mybloglog, myface book, friendster, YM, etc.
Link exchange
This is the simple way to do, with link exchange you have a chance to be known by other blog or website and everyone can see you site from their web or blog.
So....what you waiting for? Start your internet business from now on. Try to find out about this information from the other sources as much as you can and good luck.

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