Jan 9, 2009

Starting Business

      If you have a good preparation and self-confidence both physically and mentally, then there's no more to be wait for. Don't look back to the past, just look to the future with the sure step, don't ever give up before the goal has been reached. Take a next step to start your business, Enhance your business while running.
     Every people has a difference way to start the business, such as :

      For you who has a job for years, it's not easy to leave your job and start your own business. You get used to with the pattern of your daily routines work and have a fixed income every month.  Meanwhile, for the world of business, the world without border, full of competition and challenges to reach a higher level, so if you don't have enough courage to start your own business, you better do the business and work all together, until you have self-confidence to start the business.
     Below are the things you have to prepare every day to get a new thinking pattern for the new business world :
  1. Read the book of motivation and success businessman biography
  2. Attend the seminars, trainings or enterpreneursip courses.
  3. Interact directly with the businessman.
  4. Have a clearly target 
  5. Have a special product or business to sell
     It's a lucky for you to start a business at very young age. People usually start the business after they graduated from High School, College or University, because they don't want their study time will disturbed. The profit if you start a business at very young age are you will have a freedom of financial at a young age and if you failed in that business, you still have parents who will help you.


      If you have this status, don't just waiting for call work, relax at home or having fun with friends all the time. Don't waste your time, time is passing by quickly if you do nothing in your life. The important things you have to do first is build a motivation and spirit, such as :
  1. Don't take to much time to sleep
  2. Go out of the house every day
  3. Make a relation with the person who have business
  4. Read a book who useful for your future
  5. Don't waste your time and dream
  6. Make yourself a busy person, get a relationship with your old and new friend.
  7. Find a new friend at least 3 person a day
      The main gate to make a success business are DO YOUR BUSINESS AND BUILD IT, be careful when you run the business because sometimes its not always a big profit you will get,  sometimes your business move slowly. Don't be afraid to make a big changes as long as you have a plan and consider everything before you take decision or move to the next step.
      You must have a bravery to face the challenge because if you run a business there is always a challenge from inside or outside around you.
       You must have credibility to make a strategy, skill, sales, communication, negotiation, leadership and relationship with other person, also the important thing you must have is self-confidence.

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