Feb 25, 2009

Learn To be Rich

Become rich is  every people dream, but not everyone can reach that dream. Although you were a high educated, graduated from an famous University in the world it is  not guarantee you will or can become rich as your dream. Then, how can we reach our dream?  Creative thinking to become more wealthy, do not get with a larger salary, but with a little more intelligently to manage our finances. It shows how very important to have money management which is focuses on two main point : saving and investment.

The things that need to be focuses are :
  1. Manage your money, Record all expenditure items. Differentiate the postal cost of living expenses, debt repayments and insurance premiums (if you have one). The order that you must meet before, debt repayments, insurance premiums, then cost of living.
  2. Spare the post of future expenditure, such as : children's education, property, business, holiday, also journey of  worship.
  3. Buy and have some of productive wealth, although you are not a businessman, you must learn to make your property as an asset that works for you. Being rich does not need a large income. Manage your property and make that work as asset, regardless of your earnings. One way is to make saving and make your property as the asset / investment business.
  4. Have protection, such as :  insurance (health insurance, life insurance, car insurance) and also saving.
Don't just dream to be a rich, be a creative and smart thinking, you can have or reach your dream as long as you try as hard as you can to be the one as your dream. There were certain way if you have a will.

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