Feb 15, 2009

Pumping Talent

Potential of the human being is basically like a circle that is still empty.That circle is still a potential that naturally have a certain dominance but you can use or fill it with the capacity you want. Never leave the weakness, self-understanding and self-competency so that you can balance the line.
Self-understanding is the ability to identify themselves and be able to distinguish them with other people, meaning  is identify all the characters, potential behavior and habits themselves. Below are the process of pumping talent :

  • Talent
  • Know the weakness and the strengths of yourself
  • Strengthen the mentality, morality and spirituality
  • Strengthen the knowledge, desire and training
  • Design success with self-developed a successful thinking
  • Do the successful personality and the best career.
Take the advantage of your talent
The optimal function of the talent is depends by someone ability to use it, then from which we get started? from the effort  exploration of  the self-strengths and weaknesses. That talent will become a major foundation of your personality. someone will be easy to succeed if he can move the focus to the potential support base that he has.

Mentality, morality and spirituality
Someone said have a strong personality when they always be honest believes the values and commitment to uphold, also they must sure that life always provide everything in the portion of the overflow for each person to reach the goal and career.
Someone said have a good morality if they have value norms, principles of life and care with the neighbors environment.
Someone said have a strengths spirituality if they believe in principal and have a courage to express their idea or their feeling, also care to the other person feeling.
Knowledge, desire and training become the foundation needed to achieve competence.
Strengthened your concentration
  1. Study on one type of books, materials or ideas for a period of time without interruption.
  2. Provide time each day to do something that you want to learn in more depth.
Be calm
  1. Try not to talk first when you with other person.
  2. Control and place yourself in the environment that can make you calm.
  3. When you feel emotional, go to the place alone and concentrated to yourself
Activated your hearing function

  1. listen to what the friend, teacher, lecturer, and your parents said. Note their words more than what you want to say.
  2. Thought the idea and your mind before talk
  Do self-reflection

  1.  Think first before you say something important.
  2. Though of your idea and mind before you speak
  3. Take your time for a while to think who you are, which way do you want to go? what happened in your life and what cause your satisfaction or not satisfaction with what you did.
Try to share with others

  1. Get one friend each day, whose you can share your feeling and experience.
  2. When doing activities that involve working with your friends, do not forget to explain the conditions and objectives of the activities before.
Develop attitudes and behavior initiative

  1. Introduce yourself to the person you've just met.
  2. Do the introduction at the group or class where you study or work.
Start with 2 or 3 things, do that one and then the other, do not focus on one thing only.

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