Feb 2, 2009

Recruit And Manage Employees

Whether the small business will need to make recruitment as is done by big companies? Technically not but in principle yes. If you want your business develop then you need to recruit a employee as it needed. You must have enough knowledge to get a good employee. If  a big company have a mistake in one employee recruitment, that company will not have a serious problem, but if a small company have a mistake in one employee recruitment, the problem is very heavy. So if you want to be success in running the business just learn how to recruit employee.

Employees are assets
The important things in a company are employee. If you can get a good, honest and loyal employee, surely you can manage your business quietly. Below are the step before you do the employee recruiting :
  1. Make a list the employee criteria, such as : women, High School graduate, max age 27, experienced, single, etc.
  2. Announce the employee vacancy information with spread the information by employee, customer, advertising in newspaper or internet.
  3. select a letter of application in accordance with the criteria set
  4. Do the skill test
  5. Do the interview
  6. Working trial for the first 3 months
Assessment criteria
  1. Capability, intelligent, systematic thinking, can be seen from the certificate value.
  2. Capacity, ability to handle a problem, solve the problem and can work in a high pressure, can be seen from the interview (their experience in organization when their handle the problem at home, school or their working place before.
  3. Credibility, trusted attitude, do the task have been given very well, can be seen from their story when they have to do a heavy worked or duty from their former boss or their teacher.
  4. Creativity, creative in completing tasks so that more efficient and effective.
  5. Compatibility, ability to work together with other people.
When you decide to accept the staff, say the word who give a work motivation, such as : "congratulations you are the only one that can be received in our company, 20 prospective applicants, I believe you will prove your ability in this company".
Who you are? reflected in the people you recruit.

The progress of your business depends on your ability to manage the people who recruited.

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