Feb 7, 2009

The Secret Of Good Communication

Talking is a natural talent, but also need to be trained and developed then change it into a skill. Talking is like a game or like you drive a car, as often as you drive, the more often you do the more advanced you become, but you have to know the base knowledge first. The base of success communication you should know are :
  • Honesty
  • Open minded
  • Interest in other people
  • The correct attitude
The first thing you should do when you talking with someone or when you have to speak in public is honesty. Honest to yourself and to the public, if you feel nervous to talk in public just say what you feel about , place the as if they on your position and I'm sure they will understand about what you feel and you  don't need  to worry about what they think, that can cause you feel a bit relaxed and it will increase your confident. It's natural to feel nervous at the first time you have to talk or do something in public but you get used to when you do that for two or third times.

Open minded
Be open with other, meaning you have to listen to every criticism and suggestion who come to you. That's not bad to do the suggestion if it good for your progress.

Interest with other people
You will not be able to have a good communication if the people you talk with think that you're not interesting about what they say or that you're not appreciate them. Show them that you care about them, look at into their eyes when you talk to them, ask them question about what they told you. 

The correct attitude
  • Be a good listener, it will show that you interesting with what they talk.
  • Give a respond, ask them about their story or give them suggestion to show them that you listened to their story.
  • Avoid a private question, such as : age, their marital status (especially to the someone you just meet), or about the dark past.
  • Eye contact, one important thing you should remember, although it is very important to keep eye contact when you talk, you don't have to do the contact eye continuously. While talking, you can turn your eyes once in a while from your friend. 
  • Ask for the opinion from the friend you talk, although you an expert one.
  • Do not monopolize the conversation
  • Help the most shy person in the group. Make all the people in your group involved in your conversation.
Your Own Style
Other key elements of the good speaker or communication is style. Every one has their own style, we  also have our own style, the way we talk, the way our body language while we talk. That which is typical of each person. Be yourself, what is good for other people not necessarily good for us.

" There is no person who can not get you talking, everything depends on yourself, do the practice and learn from the past or the failed".

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