Apr 1, 2009

The Don't Thing To Success Your Career

Nobody want their career move slowly or even walked in place, but not every one has the chance to improve their career. Why ? There are many factor that support successful career, the things they do, the thing they learn and many other thing to bring them to reach the success. The success may not come suddenly or down from the sky without planned or struggle. Most of people doesn't realize if their waste of time with do the thing that are not useful for their career.

Know the thing that you shouldn't do for the career :
Working half-hearted, never considered or think that your job only as a distraction to kill the time.
Suggestion : found the motivation inside yours,  Use your spare time with the useful activity to raise the spirit of yours.

Unwilling to sharpen the leadership soul
Suggestion : Attend the basic leadership training, read many books of  leadership.

Unwilling to socializing, most of people spend their hours for work-go home-then sleep, the reason is too tired and not have time to have a socializing with other person in different community.
Suggestion : Spare your little time to socializing whether by online (Internet) or offline (direct or face to face), enjoy your socializing time.

Does not read the newspaper, less of  knowledge cause lost of  self confidence and difficult to adapt with other people especially in business community.
Suggest : Try to read business magazine and newspaper as much as you can to raise the self confidence.

Does not understand foreign languages, does not realize how important foreign language to learn especially English.
Suggest : start to learn English or other language who related with your job.

Does not have public speaking skills, public speaking is a good media to sale yourself  in the world of work. The skills of speaking in the public is very useful for your career.
Suggest : read the book about public speaking as much as you can, do the speaking training start from person near you.

Does not have a good attitude, attitude is the important thing you have to care about. Friendly, and like to help others. 
Suggest : keep a good attitude by care with others person.

The working world is a really complex, not just the job itself  you will face everyday but your friend, your boss and your colleagues it also influence your career. By know the thing you should do or you better not do, surely the success or good career will be yours.

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