Apr 7, 2009

Family Financial Budget

Financial budget is something you don't need to worry about or fear about even can make you feel miserable or stress because of mandatory compliance. Make your financial budget as your friend rather than make it something that torment. It's means if you go shopping to buy a clothes it will remind you that the extend to which you can buy, also when you buy for monthly household needs and that also will remind you the important things to which you should or can buy.

As a housewife who responsible for family finance, you have to do a smart thing to manage your family financial such as : make a list about your family income (salary, bonus or other income you have), make a list about your fix monthly expenses (electricity, telephone and other expenses), make a list about your extra expenses (the doctor cost, buy a clothes, shoes, donations for relatives or friends, etc and save the rest of the money into your bank account.

As a women or best friend sometimes we have a pitty feeling when our relative or our best friend want to borrow some money from you? while you don't have much money in your saving....Don't worry just use the extra expenses that you already post every month as a maximum. Never take from the other post or from your saving. So, if the refund not on time (as schedule) it is not disturbing your family financial but if your extra expenses of donation for relatives or friend has been used to help others, just tell that you can not help them with a good reason without hurt your best friend feeling.

Have a family financial planning or budget is not hard to do, you don't need to spend much time to do that and you don't need to be an expert to do that. With financial planning, you can manage your family financial, make your life easy and planned.

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