Apr 26, 2009

Insurance And Its Benefit

Insurance is one of the important business, but some people sometime is not realize it. Now try to think over  "who will reap the benefits if  a policy insurance sold?" If you are thorough, you will find four groups of people who get an insurance benefits.

The Policyholder and the family
When somebody dies, his beneficiary will receive insurance claim money benefits. On the other hand, if He has a long life, the family will obtain a certain amount of money as a pension fund when the living expenses increase and he is not productive anymore.

Some one can also feel the benefits of life insurance when somebody's health deteriorates. It can even be more tragic when the person suffers from the critical illness such as, stroke, kidney failure, heart, cancer, liver and others. Sufferings caused by this conditions require enormous amount of money. That is why everyone has to anticipate it before it happens. As they said, prepared the umbrella before it rains.

There is an interesting illustration about life insurance. Have you ever seen an automobile jack? An automobile jack is small tool compared to the car. At a glance automobile jack is not too meaningful when the car is in normal situation. But where ever the car goes, automobile jack always comes along because that tool is very important when the car has a flat tire because automobile jack is our help in that difficult situation. The automobile jack will left the car weight up to 1.5 - 2 tons and you do not need to have a much energy to lift a heavy burden, just with one hand, you can do it because of that tool. And so is for life insurance premium. The payment is very cheap but this insurance can bear the weigh of the family expenses.

The Agent who sell life insurance
The agent who sells the life insurance will get commission. The commission can be used to cover the family's living expenses and also can raise their lifestyle.

The Company of Insurance.
As the fund manager, the life insurance company will obtain fresh money with a very low interest. The company can operate and pay the employees salary, so that thousands of family's can be provided for.

The country.
Through the government, the country will obtain a source of funds from the society through the agents and company. By deducting tax from individuals and companies, the government can continue their activities including construction. Besides that, the government can also help to provide employment for the society. So by selling or buying life insurance everyone involved becomes the winner. As reinforcement, life insurance is the best way to together obtain a solution.

Donadzku take this massage from Ida K who created the book “Making Dreams Come True”

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