Apr 23, 2009

Overcoming The Laziness

Laziness is often come to our life, it's a normal feeling and everyone surely had experienced of it.  But,  don't let the laziness stay in your life, if you did that means you were digging your own grave. A prolonged feeling of laziness will trap us into a circle of problems, sorrow, and a low quality life. Time moves and changes, our ages also adds on every year, the older we get, the less opportunity we have to live. Yet, economically, the older we get the more necessity we have. Our expenses also increase due to inflation rates. That means we have to work and earn more money to fulfill all our personal and family needs, whereas our body become weaker with age.

Laziness has to be thrown far away. Lazines will make us waste our time. There are three things you can do when laziness approaches us :

Study the onset of laziness (when the laziness feeling start approaches in our life)
 Usually, laziness come about when you have no planned activity and you don't know what to do.  So, the best way to avoid the onset of laziness is to make a daily plan by make a list of your daily activity.  Spend time in the evening before you go to bed to make an activity list of the following day, such as : make a phone call to the client or prospect of your business, preparing a presentation material before you meet with the client, and others thing to support your work or business.

Understand the negative effect of laziness   

As I mentioned before that laziness is a grave for people. Life cannot be separated from the law of cause and effect. In the future we will reap what we do today. If we do not work hard today, we can not hope to obtain what we want because our laziness will bury our dreams, desires, and opportunities to achieve success.

Due to laziness, we will much suffering and losses. If you feel listless of study, you will not be well informed and your professional ability  will not develop and if you are lazy to make a phone call or meet your client or your prospect then you will not have the opportunities to get transaction. That means you will not have the good future for our lives.

Do something

The person who knows you best is yourself. When you feel lazy, you know it yourself.  When the laziness sets in, we have to be smart in overcoming it so that we can utilize our time with beneficial activities. For example, if one day you are too lazy to go to office or to visit your prospect, it is better that we participate in an activity that will add value to our knowledge, skills and personality. Take initiative to do something beneficial for our business.

Avoid the laziness feeling and do something useful for your life with something planned because the opportunities comes only once a lifetime in your life.

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