Apr 4, 2009

Smart Brain, and what influence it.......

Child's behavior is influenced by the attitude that parents are given and so with their developing brain, it started during their early age (1-3 years old).
Brain is the main controls holders from every organ of the body. All the activity of your children show the part and level of the growth brain. The first 3 years in the life of the children is the most sensitive era. The brain formation cell influenced directly between the baby and the world, and the world is you.

The list of sensitive period on child development :

Then, determine the formation of the network child brain. With the warm and affection and also give a fast respond. You will strengthen the biological system that helps children control their emotion, that will help them to be able to adapt when they have to face the stress problem.

The important action that can be a stimulus for your child brain :

Show your affection and love
With your love and affection, your child will feel safe and this feeling will influenced your child brain development, but we have to show them about our feeling with touch or fondling, phrase, smile and also the song. Asking yourself  how often you fondling, talk or sing to your children everyday? All that concern are really important for your child development brain.
Give attention and quick responses 
The baby communication to others is by voice or cry or weeping, the movement and their expression. Usually baby will cry if they feel not comfortable because they hungry, sick, have a wee, etc. So, give attention and quick response very useful for the baby development brain. They will be able to control their emotion.
Meet all their basic needs
Besides attention and responses, baby also need the balance of nutritious food. Child with less nutrition will have a bad impact to their body growth and also their IQ.  Play, play is a important things as a natural learning for your child. Sleep, give a good environment for your child to meet their need for sleep.
Get talking, read the books and sing a song
That will help the baby with learning other things in the future. When the baby hear you say a word, read a book and sing a song, the part of the brain who control the language will improve.

Create a routine and habit

The activity which is do everyday continuously will stronger the relation inside the brain. beside that, routines will give a safety feeling to your children. Teach the positive routines  activity to your children. That will also teach the discipline thing to your children.
Be a selective on the TV shows
Accompany your child when they watch TV to avoid them to watch the program which is not appropriated to their age.
Teach the discipline as a learning facilities
Means, a process to give a lesson to the children to have a good attitude and can be accept by the environment, responsible and can think for themselves. Ex: usually children go to bed at 9 pm, when the time (9 pm), they have to go to their bedroom, don't forget to teach them to brush the teeth and other preparation before sleep. Never let the children have a reason to ignore the rules. It will give a discipline lesson for them.

Select a good Nany or Nurse to take care of your child
For working parents who do not have much time to take care of their children, be careful to select a nany for your child. Firstly, you have to know the nany identity, her house or now where you can find her if something happen, teach her or tell her how to do with the child, give the emergency number she can contact in case there something happen to your child.

There are three stages of learning
First step, introduce the name of the material (recognition of identity). Say it many times but stop it when the child look bore.

Second step, understand the differences (contrasts recognition). If you feel your child know the name of that material then ask your child to pick it up for you.

The third step, distinguish objects of different. Collect various kinds of objects, pick up one of that and ask you child what is that name? In this stage your child  will able to answer that question.

The principles of  the children brain development  :

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