May 28, 2009

The Business Partner

As we know the larger a company the more complex management that company, especially an Industry company. That is why many of the large Industry company need a partners to help on their management system such as fulfillment management, inventory,logistic, packaging or assembly, etc.

AMS fulfillment (Advantage Media Services) offered many type of management services for the Industry company. So, what is AMS fulfillment? It is a 3rd party company for warehousing, assembly and fulfillment services, help clients succeed by staying within budget and take great care of clients inventories.

Fulfillment service
AMS manages fulfillment services and distribution services for a wide variety of industries, but for the most part the services function that fall within the broad category of  "fulfillment services". Below is a listing of the services categories of fulfillment that AMS product fulfillment:
  • Order management fulfillment
  • Pick and pack fulfillment
  • Wholesale product fulfillment
  • Marketing material distribution
  • Direct to consumer fulfillment
  • Order shipping
 AMS fulfillment technology :
  • Internet-based front end
  • Order processing systems
  • Warehouse management system
  • Shipping manifest system
  • Disaster recovery system
  • Professional IT team
Order fulfillment
AMS fulfillment has the ability to accept orders in almost any format and configuration (including  EDI formats), process the order through the AMS systems and return update shipping and inventory  data that is central to each clients business needs. 

AMS take the order management beyond the technical to the intangible and work closely with the client everyday to manage critical timelines, deadlines and priorities associated with particular customer orders. During the transition process, AMS team will work with the client to clearly understand the nature and the nuances of the orders the AMS are managing, the schedule that need to adhere to for pick up orders and how to identify special instructions within the order detail and data exchange.

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