May 18, 2009

Hug me.........

What is on your mind if you hear the word of hug ???? Maybe you will imagine the kids or a pair of lover.....Have you ever think that embrace or hug except bring comfortable feeling and can also overcome the various disease?

Why physical touch, such as hug and fondling are very special? For some people the physical touching or fondling caress not only reveal how your feeling but it also become an important habits, because basically every person requires physical touch from the nearest person around them, such as : from family, close friend, etc.

Hug and touching is a language without words and sometimes it is more meaningful than the length of sentences or the words.

More powerful than any pain medicine
Touch or hug can increase stress hormone production and provide a sense of comfort and can ease pain. Hug is also believed can give the energy to the person who is touched. The other positive effect that may be obtained through touch or hug is decreasing blood pressure.

Remember how important the sense of touch, harmless from now you can apply them in daily life. Do not hesitated to reveal your feeling through the touch or hug. Touch can also affect the growth or development of the child's personality. The child who always get a touch of affection from their parents will grow in a good personality more open with other person but the child who never have a touch of affection from their parents will have difficulty in dealing with other people.

Touch not only just for children, make the touch as daily therapy, the more often you show affection through physical expression, such as touch, then the fewer the funds needed to maintain the health.

Is there any other ways cheaper, easier and more fun than to embrace or hug the people we love?

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