May 6, 2009

Study Online With The Social Learning Network

To become educated, we need schools, but sometimes the knowledge that we get from schools is not enough. We still need books,newspaper,magazine and other facilities or resources such as internet to enrich our knowledge.

Study online is one of the most popular way this day, donadzku found very interesting to study online and also have a lot of social network friends from other famous University in all the States, such as : UNC  University Of North Carolina STOR 155 all into one at Course

What Course
Course Hero is an open social learning network for students, educators and self-learner to publish, share and view academic resources online and Course Hero is also providing a unique opportunity to share their college and teach each other by study groups.

Course Hero provides the ability to find and form study buddies with classmates at your school or at other top Universities. To find a person, you can click on any study group or student profile at here . By sharing your study materials with others, you can earn free full account membership for an unlimited time period. To guarantee the quality and usefulness of the documents they have campus representative reviewing each uploaded document.

The study materials that you can found at Course Hero are : Math, Chemistry, English, History, Physics (for basic membership) but you can see the more study materials by upgrade your membership. The benefits for the upgrade membership (premier account) are : unlimited document searches, unlimited textbook searches, school and documents browse and complete textbook solutions. And it is also good for UNC STOR 155 Exam Solution.

So, being educated is not as hard as you think as long as you have a willingness to study. Being educated you can get not just from college, you also need to read a lot of books, watch TV, and take some exercise, like some course. And now, you don't have to spend a lot of times, much energy and also money to come to the courses place but donadzku found the easier and more enjoyable way by study online and also social networking at

Enjoy your study and enjoy your social networking........

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