Jun 4, 2009

Be A Rich? why not

What is in your mind about the rich? luxury homes, luxury cars, clothes, shopping and party. Have you ever thought that you can also be the same as they are? Then how to make your dreams to become rich come true?

The differences between the rich and the poor is the way they use their mind in handling a limited financial. When income smaller than expenses, the poor try hard to pressing the expenditure while rich have a long term financial vision and since beginning they already prepared their financial needs till retirement time.

Don't work for money
do not spend your time to do the routine work, think the other opportunities to do another business. Spare your time to think and see the opportunities you can get. Example : try to invest and develop a business.

Know the financial
the first thing we should do is learn to documented, read and understand all things related to the financial. Know or start to learn the advantage and the risk of the investments or other business.

Discipline in saving
Prioritize the needs and spare some of your money for saving and investment.

donadzku wish you luck......


  1. we are not rich by what we posses but rather with what we can't live without..

    and yes, you're right. never work for money. :)

  2. money? it's not important. VISA full is more important.hihihiih

  3. Saving and investment indeed the best way :)