Jun 8, 2009

Check The Healthy Of Your Saving

Have you ever think to check about your saving health at least once a year? Not just the health of your body who needs to checked up, but the health of your saving is also need to be checked up and monitoring. It does not require a doctor or an expert to do the check up, you can also do it yourself. Because you are the person who know most of your money traffic (in and out) at your account.

Below are the steps to easier the check up of your savings :

  1. Provide special time so that you can perform the check up with fully concentrate and relax.
  2. Collect the necessary document to facilitate your work, such as : savings book, the bill-debt charges like credit card, car loans, home loans and other bill-debt.
  3. Do the evaluation of your debt and investment, saving and shopping are two similar activities which both of them are money expenses. The difference is the first activity can make you achieve financial target while the second activity is a resistor for your financial. Financial prosperity can only be achieved if you are capable of leaving some of your earnings to savings and investment.
  4. For investment, if you do the investment remember do not just focus on the profit only because as many as the advantages, the higher risk you have. So, do not put all your money for the investment.
  5. Observed  your expenditure from month to month if your budget deficit? Learned also the variety of loans or payment you are made. 
  6. Prepare for the costs of children's education (if you already have children) from primary schools to universities.
If you have done all the steps above, of course you already know now how healthy your savings?


  1. Wow, it's amazing to know how healthy our savings. Nice posting.

  2. bener tuh, emang seharusnya kita selalu check biar gak kebobolan....