Jun 11, 2009

The Dress Up Guidance For Men

Appearance is the most important things in our lives, because the first thing we see is the appearance. And donadzku believe that someone's personality can be seen from their appearance, ex. if you do not neatly dressed, dirty and smelly, the first impression that people see are, you a shiftless, not responsible and not professional. This is certainly not profitable for you in business. Therefore, men should also caring about their fashion and appearance. Remember, fashion not only just for women but also belong to men. So, always keep your clothing clean by wash regularly.

To keep up our appearances, we not only need clean clothes but we also need clothes that fit and match with us. That's why we need to buy new clothes every times we need, that is a very big problem for men because most men do not like shopping or do not have much time to buy the clothes they need. But in this modern era the man does not need to be bother with the shopping, they do not need spend time for shopping. Everything can be done from home via the Internet, including some of tips about buying clothes.

So, if you care about what you look like but do not have much time and energy into the whole dressing process, here are some guides to make getting dressed a little easier and clearer :
And for the seasons style :

And for the mens who like exclusive clothes by top Designer such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Banana Republic, etc see the guidance here.
Shopping is no longer become a scary activity for men now, because they can do that at home while do their job at home or while they relax, enjoying their time at home after work all day. And for those who do not know about fashion can also see the guidance for buying clothes while they shopping.

donadzku hope you will enjoy your shopping........


  1. nice article, for my hubby.

  2. wah review nya lancar jaya nih

  3. Interesting!

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