Jun 18, 2009

The Safe Way In Debt

The debt is usually good solution at the first but when the due time to pay...hmmm, it is like someone put heavy burden on our shoulder. Then, how we should do to avoid from debt problem?

Below are some tips to stay away from debt problem :

The refund available Capabilities Usually a maximum of about 30-35 percent of your monthly earnings, maybe is more than that but you may not be able to meet the needs of others Well, if other needs can not be avoided, a result of funds to pay installment debt will be canceled.

Actually have a debt is not good for all people, but every people have a different reason or purposes when take loans. Therefore, try to see what your purpose to take a loans, is it for business? or to pay your another debt with other agency or person? or is it just to meet your daily needs? So, be careful if you take a debt or loans just to meet your daily needs, especially if it is not related to your earning. If you take the debt for the purpose of business, look at the feasibility of the business, and so on.

Choosing the granting debt. This is important if at times you are having difficulties in paying off debt. You need a party that is flexible and not rigid in negotiating later if you do experience difficulty in paying.

So, if you are not forced to owe, then you better avoid it. But if it for emergency or for business, then you have to think, calculate your financial and also as donadzku told above.....

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  1. I agree with you. It's better to avoid getting debt for non productive purpose.

  2. kok lom terkirim jg smp skrng.

    sori kalo mengganggu km