Jun 11, 2009

Smart Tips To Help Others

In our daily life we often feeling like to help people who having difficulties and distress especially to people who have economic problem such as homeless. Sometimes even though we have not sufficient financial to help them. Of course, this noble act. However, that should be thought is how this noble intention can be distributed more effectively, without disrupting our finances.

Make it as regularly budget
When you have the desire to help people distress or difficulties, it's good allocates funds on a regular basis. You can make it as a monthly or yearly budget Usually, for some people, when to provide assistance is associated with the Feast of the religious, such as Idul Fitri, Idul Adha, or feast Christmas. With routinely perform budgeting means that social cost planning will be better, with planning the greater the opportunity to help each other, while maintaining financial stability.

No money should be
Noble intention to help others who need not be realized in the form of cash. It could be the items or material that you don't need them or you don't want to use them anymore, but it still look good to throw away. Why not just donated?

Beside,that will reduce the piles of goods in your warehouse, you can also save further expenditure, is not it? Moreover the more important is the intention to contribute, not the existent of contributions.

Distribute directly
How do you feel when your social fund was not received into the right person hand?

The solution is where ever possible, try to give the donations directly to those who in need without by other person or if you don't have time or don't know you should give that donations choose the agencies or organizations that can be trusted for example through the mosque, church, agency or official that has been passed the government.

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  2. Good tips, Ayu. Thanks for sharing it.