Jun 1, 2009

Tips To Reach The Peak Of Your Career

Know the ability of yourself
Make a list of your abilities Think about your personality characteristics, such as honesty, would like to learn new things, can work with the team work, able to prioritize work, and skills related to educational background and work experience if any.

Type of the job that interests you?
Write the most attrative job for you if you are good with the computer? Are you talented or able to fix the engine, design, or expert in a matter of arithmetic-count. Or you're happy to help people who have a problem? Consider all your interests.

Know the motivation and the most important things for you
Prioritize the principle that you want in a career, whether to join in the social foundations, want to be free to create, or feel exactly match a challenging job, a lot of movement, are broad. The importance of freedom, salaries, and security for you? Basically, think first what you want from a career.

How much salary you expect?
Think and consider about the salary, so if you get a job, you can directly  tell about the salary amount you wish.  If you are lucky to get a suitable job, at least you will get a salary in accordance with the expected. At a minimum, at the beginning, you get used to the lowest standard and can then expect to increase regularly.

Think the ideal office location
You should consider the location where the work you want. Are you prepared for the mutation? Whether you choose a location close to the family or within easy reach of public transportation. Add all this criteria in determining the work you wish to get. Remember, you can select which location you should be but also  think, what your goals is?

The work environment
Specify the desired work environment so you will get the picture  if  it's ideal for work. For example, if you're happy working in the office or even more fun behind the desk. Like to work in large or small, and so forth.

Have the specify skill to support your career
Make a list of your skills, knowledge gained from the school, hobby,  the experiences, knowledge acquired in other formal and not formal. Do not forget to write down one or two of these additional skills to be considered your future career.

How much the responsible you hold?
Specify how much responsibility you want to run, according to the chosen career. For example, if you want to participate in all or only do the work supervision.

The type of boss or co-worker you wish
Perhaps you have experienced with the ugly behavior of  your boss or  co-worker behavior that is not fun and you already know  how that is very importance. specify whether  you like a boss who can interact every day or let you work independently. And what type of  friends you want, a friendly friend, be a family, or a professional friends?

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