Jun 28, 2009

Tips Using Email Wisely

Email or electronic mail is a practical way to communicate at this time. Like an mail, email is also usually used for business purposes or just to communicate with friends or relatives who are far away from where we live. But do not forget, the way you write your e-mail reflects many things. Your status in the workplace, the way you work, the level of stress, even your personality.

Following are some basic tips on how to use email wisely :
  1. Write email short, concise with the use of language that is easily understandable. Too long email will make people lazy to read your email.
  2. Write the contents of the e-mail with the details.Tell it clearly and include the key answers that you know that your e-mail has been read and understood by people in the direction.
  3. Control yourself in writing email that contains criticism or anger against someone or other companies with shorten the writing so that your email does not occur on the misconceive. And donadzku suggest if you have and like to tell your anger feeling with someone or a company just call or meet them directly face to face to solve the problem.
  4. Give a few minutes of time for our self  before we reply the email we've just got, especially if the email contains the words that you do not like. This is important to calm yourself a moment to avoid anger or emotional when you reply to this email.
  5. If you use email for business purposes, spare special time to answer the email.
  6. Use a good language, avoid typing error and cliche words.
  7. Learn to write a good email, writing e-mail that requires a good exercise. E-mail should have some role in your communication, whether with employees, business friends, or with the other. So you should be aware, people can provide an assessment of the particular way you write e-mail.

Good luck  hope this information will useful for you.........


  1. very useful tips. Lately I seldom using email; I prefer using facebook to send a message to friends now.

  2. email is a tool for communication and we must be responsible in sending and emailing. thanks for sharing tips.