Jul 5, 2009

The Brain Also Needs To Be Trained

Forget disease is not only can happened to the elderly but also happened to the young people. Theoretical the forget disease symptoms usually begin happening at the age of 65 years. Because by the physical the brain can be damaged by itself with the growth of our age. And at the age of 70 years, part of the brain that is damaged can reach 5-10% each year. That cause a weakened of memorize and the brain doesn't work properly. And the result is someone will have difficulty to concentrate and remembering.

Beside the age factors, there are also other factors that cause someone easy to forget something. Namely because of lack of concentration while doing something. Therefore the brain also need to be trained with do the activity as many as you can to avoid the forget disease.

Influence by lifestyle
We realize it or not a lot of activity often make us forget about an healthy lifestyles. other than that can cause many diseases that arise, it can also cause brain function disturbed. Following are some steps to anticipate the disease :
  1. Avoid stress
  2. Reduce fatty food (unhealthy food/junk food)
  3. Select low sugar drink
  4. Meet the nutrition need every day.
  5. Do the exercise / fitness routinely 
  6. Have enough rest or sleep
Because a healthy lifestyle will affect the brain and the health of our bodies. And make us more concentrate in doing something.

Trained the brain
There are many ways we can do to train the brain, such as reading, do crossword puzzles, listening to music, take a course or learn of foreign languages, and other fun activities. Activities train the brain needs to be done since the age of 25 years or when you have been out of school. Where you do not have many activities that are often done when you still at school or university. 

The differences between the human organ with the machine is machine will quickly be damaged if used continuously while the human body organ be trained with a lot of activities.


  1. I really like with your very interesting article to read.

  2. blogging also helps in training our brain ^_^

  3. Hi!
    Good articles. Yes, I agree with meryl, blogging does helps in training our brain.

    Have a good week. Cheers!

  4. I agree with you. Brain training can also protect us from senility...

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