Jul 2, 2009

Confidential !!!

In every job, beside the written rules, the base thing that we should obey is the ethics. Especially when you hold a position that is quite important in a company, which of course requires that you have to keep a lot of company secrets. But as a human being, you may not be aware and told a company secret to other people. So, what should you do to avoid that terrible thing?

Speak less is better
When you in important or high positions, one of the risks you must accept is to receive more information about the company. If you have previously told all customs matters to others, just leave it these habits. Never tell the company secret event to your family or your best friend. What then if you already tell a company secret to others?

hold on ethics
The leakage of the company secret has occurred, you probably can not stop that information spreading at all. So, the best way to overcome this problem is minimizing the negative effect of the info in a pro-active way such as explain to every person that you told about the information before.

Therefore we need to keep the company's ethics rules and to avoid negative impacts that may arise, we better not store confidential company to the other person, although he is your fellow worker. Choose the necessary information which not or can be submitted to your colleagues.

Keep a company secret is not easy, but as long as you choose wisely when and to whom you can discuss, it will not be difficult matter.


  1. anything you said may and will be use against you, that's the rule, anywhere anytime. thanks for the visit.

  2. all i can say about work is this:

    less talk equals less error


    this is a very interesting post :)

  3. indeed in the work that we have to be very careful especially regarding the work of others and the company, so do not talk of origin to other people about our work. I am very interested in any posts with you.