Jul 16, 2009

Online Business Appointments

Business appointments is a business meeting arranged between the two company. You may often hear that word in your daily business activity. As an professional you certainly do not want the misunderstanding in make an meeting schedule or appointment with your business partner. What then the easy and best solution way to making appointment without disrupt your time or work?

CheckAppointments.com is a free online Appointment Scheduling software that allows small businesses and professionals to book appointment with their clients. Online booking enable you or the staff to be freed up of playing phone tags with their customer and focus on running your business. Each account gets a mini website that they can publish to their clients.
The benefit making appointment online use CheckAppointment.com are :

  1. Free
  2. Manage your appointment, let you schedule and manage your clients appointment. You can set up appointments for your clients by professional and location. This application will send the clients a confirmation message and even send them a reminder before the scheduled appointment.
  3. Support for multiple staff and locations, if your business has multiple professionals in one or multiple location, you can manage them all from one place.
  4. Set up recurring appointment, you can set up one set of appointment spanning several days, weeks or months. You will also be able to send just one email to your clients confirming the appointment set instead of an email for every appointment.
  5. Send personalized emails, for recurring appointment, one time appointment or cancellation, you can customize the email before it goes out.
  6. Automated reminders, you can choose how many hours before your appointment the reminder will be sent or disable the reminder for you or your clients, if you like.
  7. Validate your customers address, you will be display a list of alternatives and even a map of the location.
  8. Manage your clients, you can add your clients into the system for easy look up and also maintain a history of their visits to your business.
  9. High security, CheckAppointment use high grade SSL encryption to protect your data while you are working on the application.
  10. No need to buy expensive equippment, all you need just a PC with an internet connection.
So, change your old habits in making appointment with your clients by playing phone tag with making it by online and all for free, see the demo here and for those of you who want to know how to use the software of making online appointment for free can also see the tutorial here.


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