Jul 9, 2009

Smart Tips In Meeting

Meeting invitation is one of the activities that often makes us feel annoyed. That we have in mind is the bored times, the delay meeting times, material meeting preparation and the work we had to delay because we have to attend the meeting invitation. Often, a serious meeting can be change into a chat not discussion. But you can not avoid from that meeting and you also can not avoid from the deadline work. Then, what you should do?

Prepare yourself
If you are invited to a meeting that means your idea or suggestion is needed and a meeting is the right media for you to show how smart and creative of you. But rather could be a boomerang if you not have a preparation before. Therefore, seek the information as much as possible about the topics that will be discussed at the meeting. So, you can give the big enough contribution and ready to answer questions submitted by the boss or your colleagues. And avoid also be quiet attitude.

Focus on topics
Be focus with the topics who discussed at the meeting. Do not deviate from the topics and ultimately lead the meeting into the chat that is not useful at the end.

Comment if necessary
To shorten the time, should not need to provide comments that do not need to. If you want to make a comment, do not just repeat the words who said from your partner or the other person at the meeting but add another value opinion behind the word of your approval, such as : I agree with the opinion of  Mr. A, but in my opinion would be better if bla .. bla ...

On time
Came on time. Change your rubber time habits, to give an professional impress. And if you are forced to come late, when entering a meeting room go quietly.

That's some of the meeting tips from donadzku, enjoy your meeting...


  1. hm mana yang nice tips mimpi kali kamu wkwkwkwkkk :D

  2. Artikel dan tips yang sangat berguna