Aug 15, 2009

Bye....bye... Stress

Every person surely had experienced of stress because stress does not distinguish age, status or gender. Many things that can cause stress, such as : traffic jam, the date line of your work, the family economic problem, and many more. And all of that can cause bad effect for the health and development of a psychiatric. Do not want to get stuck in a prolonged stress?

Reducing stress is now no longer need a long time, below are some of the effective tips to reduce stress quickly :

Approach to God, praying is the most effective way to reduce the stress. With praying our lives will becomes more peaceful.

Read, read the book you really like. With reading the stress that you feel will be forgotten. If necessary, spend time for hours in the bookstore to choose one of the most engaging book.

Listening slow music, buy the CD that were created specifically to reduce stress. The slow music will make your heart and mind become calm, and also renew the soul.

Sleep, this is the moment to reduce the stress. It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours every night to eliminate the stress that often come.

Do the exercise (sports), do the exercise every morning regularly, start with a simple thing such as : walking, jogging or cycling to refresh your body and mind because in a healthy body there is a healthy life.

And many thing you can do to eliminate the stress problem. Hopefully this is will helpful.

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