Aug 31, 2009

Easy Way To Live Happily

Happy life is every person dream but to make it become real is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. Then, how to make your dream becomes true?

Enjoy your life
Just remembered about something pleasure or happiness, something that make you smile, something funny that make you laugh or you can also do something exciting like : shopping, listening to music, traveling, and other things that makes you happy.

Socialize with neighbors
Out of the house and meet people you have not met before, have a chat with them. Create a sense of friendship that will help you feel safe and comfortable living among them, remove the fear and uncomfortable feeling to make you feel better.

Train yourself to be patient, do not let anger and resentment dominate your life. Anger, resentment can hurt others and also yourself. Try not to hurt anyone. Doing sports, meditation or other positive activities to bestowed all your emotional feelings.

Our ability to forgive others will strengthen a friendly relations with all the people around us and that also will help our soul become calmer. Nurture the soul of love because with that feeling, we will feel peaceful and happy.

Start your day with smile, think of something nice that you will do who can make you smile. Smiles at the beginning of the day will make you happy all day. A smile can make your body's immunization system work more better and that also can reduce your stress.

Do positive activities
Get used to begin and end the day with something positive. Make it a habit to start your day with pray and thanks to God for what he has given to us. Do the positive and useful activities for others such as helping people in need or you can do your positive hobby that makes you happy.

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