Aug 3, 2009

Overcome The Economic Crisis Impact

The World economic crisis gives many negative impact to all of us. Many companies are bankrupt and the increasing the number of employment. And maybe that will also happen to us. Then, what we have to do before it happen to us?

Do not wait until the company where you work bankrupt and that will cause you become unemployment. Think other opportunities outside of your work that can give more profits to you. When the business opportunities arise from any sector, someone who is able to manage his financial, can save the rest of the income, could invest the money to business who get in line with our interests and talents (such as: open a retail store, restaurant, or other business), ask your family to help you to run your business while you work.

Start a business will not be obstructed by time, before or after retirement you can still run the business. When you want to start a business, start from your family like stabilize the family financial first then set about what kind of business which is accordance with your interests and talents to easier to run the business.

Beside retail stores or restaurant, you can also have another income from the hobbies or talent that you have. Example : if you like to write, do that at home in your spare time to become a freelance author or you can also distributing your talent to write as well as get additional money from the internet by blogging or many other things you can get from the internet.

So, use your spare time to make money from now on. Do not wait until everything is too late. Because only those who willing to work hard to save the family financial from the impact of the world economic crisis today.

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  1. lagi krisis, apakah berdampak dgn bisnis online????