Aug 12, 2009

Talk Or Act?

If you have two option to choose between talk or act, then what do you choose? Many people thought better work a lot than talk because we are often not able to control our mouth, especially when the heart is tempestuous. We feel we like to release everything we feel inside the heart but sometimes when the word already out, we often regret it.

So, if your heart is in a bad mood and angry with something, it's better if you keep silent for a while to cool down your heart, to have no remorse as a result of the wrong word in the future.
But we also know that to get success we need not only work but also the ability of the talk, to make other people impress and believed about what we done. But unfortunately not all person get the gift of it, this is to be learned and trained to make a habit and then build the character in ourselves.
If you feel that you are a person that talk a lot or winning speech, it is now time to learn to keep silent, talk only the necessary things and do more positive work. Easy or not easy, all depends on your strong determination because we all know no one can stand with a person that just do the talk but less work.
So, let's learn together, if you can not fulfill a promise so prevent your mouth to said a promise, if you do not want to do something then do not say that you want. Do not say something that you do not sure or believe with it. That is only the key to reach a success.

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