Sep 17, 2009

From A Hobby Into A Business

The madness of the hobby we can easily see in everyday life. For example someone who hobby with antiques, their willing to spend a lot of money, times and energy, to hunt the antiques, but for others people is useless.

It may seem unreasonable for someone else. Hobby can be said as spiritual as a spiritual fulfillment to escape from the boredom and fatigue because of the daily routine. Hobby is a pleasure. Then, why not try to get extra income from your hobby? A business who started from the hobby often work well.

The first step to change your hobby into a business are :

Spend more time for your hobby, make the work with better quality and more quantity, continue to practice so we will produce a better work. The quality of work is certainly will increased resale value, especially if many people have the same hobby and business as yours.

Add more your knowledge with courses, seminar or training which related to your hobby and business.

Learn directly from people who are expert and successfully run their hobbies.

Offer your work from one store to another, from one person to another, do not ever feel embarrassed to do so.

In the end all went back to us, not everyone is fortunate to have a hobby that has potential chance to make money. Many people have delayed their business because of their confusion about the specific business they would like to open.

The conclusion is business would be better done from the hobby or pleasure because everything which based on it would be have a better result.

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  1. Hi there,
    Well I agree with you,
    Most of people just doing hobby for pleasure, but if we make some turn over, hobby might make more income, :D