Sep 5, 2009

Trophy, awards for all occasions

A trophy is a reward for a specific achievement and serves as proof of merit. They are most often awarded with sporting events. In many sports occasion medals (gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals) are often given out along with trophies. Trophy were given to winners of sporting events at least as early as the very late 1600s in the new world. For example : the Kyp Cup, a small two handled sterling cup, was given to the winner of a horse race in about 1699.

Trophy has a variety of models. Trophies can take the shape of two-handled cups, bowls or mugs (all usually engraved, animals, statues of people and architecture while displaying words, numbers or images. While traditional trophy have been made from metal figures, wood columns and wood basis but in recent years they have been made from plastic figures and marble bases. Recently trophy have also been made using a resin and molds.

Resin trophies come in variety of sports or even in generic forms. These resin award are often used for participation awards and can be customer made to include an event logo. These can be custom molded to create a unique trophy for businesses, youth sports organizations and non profit alike.

So, if your sport club or maybe your company needs to buy some trophies such as volleyball trophies, football trophies or corporate awards for your business colleagues,  you can buy it online to save your busy time and easier your job.

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