Sep 28, 2009

The Way You Walk = Your Personality

You may have heard the phrase "You are what you wearing" to describe a person without having to hear he/she speak? as well as the way of someone walk. And have you ever realize that the way you walk can be a clue whether you competent enough or not in carrying out the job.

The way of someone walk was believed can be a clue about how the person is doing the job, although not 100 % true but at least can be a little picture to start assessing a person. Here's how to read the way someone walk that donadzku found from the article in a magazine :

Slow walk
Person who have this type of walk was believed to be less effective but good to see the details. Suitable to work in the health sector and for this type of person recommended to work more effectively so other person not get the wrong about their capability.

Fast walk
Person with this type was believed to be work quickly. They are considered able to appreciate the time and they work. However, the person with this type of walk briskly feared not able to capture the detail or unable to catch the little things that were important. People like this is suitable to work as an data entry or the work who need physical speed. People with this type are suggested to work more relaxed and taking the time to socializing with other colleagues.

Walk quietly
Person like this usually does not give signs of their presence. The person with this type could be showing that their hard work could be unnoticed by the people.They are more suitable to work alone than in a team. So, if you are in this type make sure that your boss know your work by asking the result of your current job.

Walk with eyes straight a head
Person with this type was believed as a confident person and focus on they're job. They are suitable to work as salesman or anything who related with the achievement of deal that could be achieved with the help of eyes which is full of suggestion.

Walk with eyes look down
Person with this type was believed as a person who do not believed in themselves, not focus on their work and not interested in things that will happen in the future.

Walk with "tak-tik-tok" sound
The person who walk in the shoes that make noise, not afraid to be noticed or like to be note with their presence by the sounds of their shoes.

So, what type are you?

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