Oct 24, 2009

Enjoy Your Life And Career

Life and career are things that can not separated from our lives, whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not. But are you enjoy your life and career?

Little things, routine activities can make your life boring. But not many of us aware that the things we face everyday can make our life beautiful. Then, how you can make your life always feel beautiful?

Decide what is important to you, what is the meaning of success for you? Do not try to do something for someone else. Learning how to say politely.

Consider how you can change your life, whether you want to go to college, work or do the hobbies that you never done before.

Concentrate your mind at this moment. Do not regret later. What you really want to accomplish and who do you want to be?

Make a statement about what you will do, whether money is very important to your life or you want to do an activity that you really like it, although the result only enough to pay your bills.

Set your goals, to set your goals look at the themes that emerged from the exercises that you have been done at the first and also the following questions, what your strengths and achievements?

Write your mission statement that describes your passion on key themes. Learn this tasks, make your goal more specific to help you in achieving the job that you like. Make a plan to achieve your goal and be flexible, your goal may change over time.

By knowing the goal, you will be have the spirit of doing what you really want to do and by doing what you love, you will successfully achieve your goals. And I am sure you will enjoy your life and career.

Good luck .............


  1. salam sahabat
    ehm..its good posting make me know n getting motivations thnxs n good luck ya..

  2. great posting..! keep on writing like that,,sist..

  3. yups harus seimbang dong...
    makasih sharingnya

  4. wah makin mantap aja nih

  5. its useful info and build, thanks yach