Nov 24, 2009

Marketing Strategy

In this review I will discuss about the Marketing Strategy, but before we go further, it will be helpful to know the meaning of marketing strategy itself...

As we know the marketing activities is different with sales, transaction or trade. marketing strategy is the planning or one of the main activities by company to maintain the continuity of the company, the develop and for a profit, where the activities included analyzing, planning, implementation and monitoring programs that aim to create exchanges with target markets in order to achieve company goals.

One of the effective ways to market your products is to introduce them to consumers.
And to succeed the company's marketing activities required a good marketing targets which consists of potential customers with specific needs or desire that might be willing and able to satisfy their wants and needs. Therefore, companies need to classify their markets according to the needs which is known as marketing lists.

Beside necessary to select the right target marketing, marketing product can be done in various ways such as : advertising, personal selling (door to door selling), mail order, direct selling or telesales or            telemarketing lists (by phone sales and scheduling for the direct meeting with a prospective consumers).

But all the above marketing strategies must be balanced with the survey or research to get prospective consumer which is have to consider :

  1. Who will buy the product?
  2. Where they can buy our product?
  3. Knowing the market's purchasing power?
  4. Knowing the purchasing market consumer, daily, weekly or monthly.
  5. Knowing the market demands.
  6. And the most important of all is to keep the quality of our products.

The principle, to be able to maintain the product or service in order to keep consumer interest need the sensitivity to looking back to look ahead, to be able to find the weaknesses and strengths of the market, and to support the marketing, it's good to use the third party companies or find the mailing lists for sale to easier and save company money and times.


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