Dec 3, 2009

Looking For Additional Income?

Have more than one income? why not....

Increase in the prices of basic goods, which is also increased the necessities of life of course brings significant impact to our financial. While income is still remain the same. So, how to handle that?

The first way is by reducing your expenditure or saving, and the second way is to increase your income or have another income or it will be better if you can do both ways. Reducing your expenditure is effective way for the sort time but there are also economical limits, after all the prices increases not just once. So, have additional income is the better solution for your long term financial problems.

Increasing income from existing resources is very difficult now, then either you like it or not you have to find another sources of income for your additional income.

The most popular to get additional income right now is to divide the source of income into 4 groups, such as working as employee, additional income from work as independent worker, additional income from another business as business owner, and additional income from your investment.

Working as employee
This is the most popular in most of our society, namely work as employee in a company, in the Bank, factory and so on. An employee earning an fix and certain number of salary from the job, this is the main reason for some people to choose it as a source of income.

Independent workers
Independent workers is people who sell their expertise to others as freelance. For example a writer, a physician who practiced at home, an accountant,technician etc. A independent workers do not get a monthly salary as an employee but a fee or fees directly from consumers for service they do. So, if you have special skill that you can be relied upon it, you can use it as additional income beside working as employee.

Business owner
If you have enough money to start your own business. It is good to start it from now on. You can do so at your free time, like in the afternoon or in the evening, or you can ask your family to help you run the business, which also means that you will have additional income for the welfare of your family.

additional income can be obtained by investing because investment can be done while working and every one can invest as long as they have money in their hand. Many investors rely on the power of capital and strategies in managing and developing the funds.They were making money from funds that have developed either they from interest, profit sharing, capital gains, etc.

So, having more than one of additional income...why not...

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