Dec 18, 2009

Wealth Management

Who did not want to be rich????? Of course everyone want it.....but the problem is has everyone have the opportunity to become rich????? Many people knows how to get money for themselves and for their families, they go to school to achieve a higher career, and they go to work to have money for their living but when the money was obtained, a lot of people can not manage it. Then what is the clever way to become rich???? Saving and investment are the smart solution as a wealth management.

I believe most of you know about the saving but how about investment?

The meaning of investment itself is a term which is related to finance and economics who associated with a form of asset accumulation with a hope of future profits and sometimes referred as the investment of capital investment. The examples of investment include savings, deposits, mutual funds, bonds, stock, gold, property and others.

Gold is the most favored and popular investment in the world because its value tends to stable and rising. Gold is divided in various forms such as gold bullion and gold coin

Then, what kind of gold investment is the best? bullion or gold coins? Actually all the kind of gold investments are good, either its gold bullion or gold coin each having its own characteristic, gold bullion many people like to choose this kind of gold investment type because its practical, easy to obtain and sold by traders from around the world while gold coins liked because of their rarity and unique.

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