Jan 21, 2010

The Dream House

Home is one of the most important components that can not be refuted again in its role in human life. But in building a house, we need to consider three main things function, building form and costs. Function need to be considered accordance with lifestyles and home owners need.

Actually the ideal design of the house was back to ourselves, because the one who knows our needs and abilities is ourselves. Besides, the function of the room and the interior, which is equally important to note in a house is the floor. The flooring is the second largest parts of building after the walls. No doubt, choose the materials and designs should not be arbitrary.

The appropriate choice of materials is a key to obtain a strong and attractive house. Following are the types of floors that you can consider in getting a dream home :

Vinyl Flooring, Today more and more people are using vinyl as the floor for their homes because of easy to maintain, durability, cheap prices, resistant to water, have a nice texture and various color.

oak flooring, The benefit of use oak floor : cool when hot, warm when cold, beautiful and elegant look, comfortable, stain and scratch resistant, waterproof, and no changing color.

laminate flooring, laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with lamination process. Easy to install (see how to lay laminate flooring), ideal to use in home or office except for wet rooms like bathroom.


The following are tips that can be used in choose floor for your home :
  • Finding out the best way to treat the floor continued to accept the weight.
  • Choosing the floor material by considering quality, safety, usage and budget.
  • Recognize and consider the deficiency and the excess various floor materials
  • Finding out the information about a variety of attractive floor inspiration.

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