Jan 28, 2010

Tips To Overcome Difficulties Of Studies

Can not be denied that the math and algebra is the most feared lesson for students around the world. Even, some students considered that study math need to study extra hard. This makes the Math like a monster and make them lazy to learn.

There are several reason that cause students face difficulties in learning mathematics and Algebra are :
  • Lack of proper guidance
  • Less of exercise
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of motivation

Learning activities for each individual not always stable, sometimes can quick understand the lesson but sometimes not. So it is with enthusiasm and concentration. Every individual is not the same and learning difficulties are not always caused by a low factor intelligence but can also be caused by other factor outside the intelligence.

The following are the tips for you to maximize the ability of your children math or algebra :

Provide needs which your children used to learn math or algebra quickly, like bring a teacher into the house or apply your children to math/algebra tutoring class (after school time) or you can also guide your child to learn math/algebra online trough the internet.

Guide your children to completing their homework and help them to solve the problem with it because homework help to sharpen the lesson gained from school to study at home.

Encourage them to do the math/algebra exercises beside their homework. Remember, the more they do the exercise/practice the faster they shape the ability and confidence.

Make Math part of your child's life, Math is more meaningful when your child see how important it in this life, and encourage them to use Math in everyday life.

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