May 4, 2010

E-book Business Opportunity

Electronic Book, which is also known as e-book is a digital version of a book. e-book is one alternative to obtain income through the internet and for those of you who have a hobby of writing or creating an article, there is no harm in writing it in an e-book, but there are something you must consider before you make an e-book such as : 

Theme :
  1. Set a theme for an e-book, This section represents the beginning of making e-book and is the benchmark for the success of e-book are made later. The theme of an e-book should be adjusted to the ability we have for example if you are good at blogging, then you could make a guide on creating blogs e-book and if you are good at cooking, then you could make an e-book cook guide and much more because the key success of an e-book is a quality theme and the content. 
  2. Themes that sell, if you want to get income from an e-book, look for themes that trend today by doing a survey whether the survey to the bookstore or via the internet with the help of Google in
  3. Specific theme, if you already have a theme that will be made then the next step is specific that theme, for example if you take the theme of the blog can be developed more specific such as writing about Blogspot, Wordpress, etc.
Things you have to note after you find the specific theme you will be written :
  1. Looking for the source of writing materials, such as : from library, internet or even based on your personal experiences.
  2. Make the development of themes, to easier the writing process of e-book, you can create a lists of its contents first, then describe each chapter.
  3. Prepare the tool or equipment for writing, some equipment or software that you can use in making e-book is Microsoft Word, or Open Office Writer.
  4. Create a style for the script, such as : set the page size and style in Ms.Word to enhance your e-book appearance later, with the style, the layout of the e-book will look more attractive and professional.
  5. Editing the script, all these are aimed to correct the created script and to make sure this e-book are really good quality and deserve to sell. 
After Pdf file successfully  created, the next step is making the cover of e-book. The layout of the e-book cover is very important and affect the attractiveness of e-book itself. For making e-book cover you can use corel draw or photoshop software.

Promote and sell e-book
The final part of the process of making e-book is to promote and sell e-book. There are several ways you can do to promote your e-book, such as :
  • Promotion via blog or website
  • Create an online store with affiliate system
  • Promotion through online forums
  • Promotion through social networks like facebook, twitter, etc 
  • Or promotion your e-book via third party for example ClickBank 
  • Etc 
e-book business is promising because besides the cost is relatively cheap and it also can reach customers from around the world.



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