May 14, 2010

How To Increase Website Traffic

There are many ways people do to increase traffic to their blog or website. Not a few of them are willing to spend some money to bring traffic to their  blog or website. And one way that many people do is make or follow the SEO contest by using certain keyword such as Increase Your Traffic With Klikrar. Whether in this way can bring more traffic to your blog or website?

Actually many other ways we can do to increase traffic to our blog or website other than following the SEO contest such as Increase Your Traffic With Klikrar, like the example below :
  1. Keyword, find a keyword and phrases that people may actually enter into a search box on Google, so that it will be attractive to visitor and search engine.
  2. Optimize your site (SEO), use your keyword and win on the search engine when people search for keyword related to your site.
  3. Get listed in search engines, submit your site to all the major search engines such as : Google, Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, Lycos, etc.
  4. Have good and original content, write interesting and quality articles so that your visitors interested and coming back to your blog or website. Write routinely so Google will notice your site trough search engine.
  5. Get link to your site, get people sites to link to yours and ask them to do the same. Links lead to clicks onto your website and help to improve your search engine rankings.
  6. Participate in social media, find forum that relevant to your site content and participate. Link your blog or website to that forum for example : facebook, twitter, digg and other famous social media.
  7. Following the SEO contests, participate in SEO contests like Increase Your Traffic With Klikrar will greatly help to increase visitor website traffic. And I believe Increase Your Traffic With Klikrar will also help you with Google search engine.
  8. Do blog walking and leave a comment on another blog or website.
  9. Advertise your site, if you have money you can advertise your blog or website with Google AdWords by Google or buy review program and etc.
  10. Be patient, this is the most important key from all the point above.
When we talk about increasing website traffic, we surely talking about several different things, including increasing hits, increasing pageviews, and increasing unique visitors. However, SEO and keywords play an important role in bringing website traffic, whether by following the Incrase Your Traffic With Klikrar contest or any other SEO contests.


  1. This article very useful for SEO contestant...thanks for sharing... keep writing sis... and good luck 4 you.


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  3. mantap..tumben posting SEO..hihihi mudah2an betul2 diterapkan, bukan hanya sekedar posting..
    mampir balik ya

  4. jalan-jalan siang, baca2 artikel bahasa bule biar ga ketinggalan jaman....sip deh

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