May 29, 2010

Internet Access

Internet originally developed by the U.S. Defense Department as the U.S. Government Communications Systems and was first known by the name ARPANet (Advanced Research Projects Agency). As time goes by,  the internet have more and more users, ranging from Government Contractors, Departments, Military, University and public.

As the world's largest information network, many benefits are obtained from the internet such as : for business interests, academic, government, organizations and others.  We can get the information about everything that we want trough the internet, we can get the information faster, employment information,  education, exchange the opinion with other and communicate with relatives, friends who live far away from us, or even just to make friends, etc.

Internet access itself is very easy to get. Nowadays, many internet service providers offer the internet networking in a variety of methods such as ; dsl service (Digital Subscriber Line), adsl service (An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), dial-up internet service (a form of internet access that uses telephone lines) or wireless internet service (refer to use of the world wide web through a wireless device). Beside accessing residences and offices, there are public places to use the internet which would include libraries and internet cafes where computers with internet connection are available. 

Because of that ease and benefits of the internet connection, the use of the internet around the world has been growing rapidly over the last decade, internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity which is essential in a modern human life.

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