living well and happiness is everyone's dream. But, what about those who have small income? can they live well and happily?

The answer is yes, they can. To be happy is easy because it all comes from ourselves and to living well is make a standard of living for yourselves, such as:

1. Always be grateful for what you get
With this way, you will never feel lack of money and surely makes your life happier and have more spirit.

2. Determine the priorities of your goals
By meeting basic needs first such as: clothing, food and house. Well, if you can meet those 3 basic needs, that means you have lived well.

3. Balance your income and lifestyle
For those of you who have fix income, never follow a lifestyle that is trending, especially when you used a credit card to shop. It is better to leave those kind of lifestyle.

4. Avoid following other people's living standards
The reason is because everyone has a different standard of living. It could be they have bigger income than yours who have small income.

5. Choose holiday/entertainment that you like but in accordance with your ability.
Holiday is not forbidden as long as it does not exceed your ability. For example, you choose to go on holiday abroad, even tough your ability just for domestic holiday. Remember, to always adjust between expenses with your income, including in choosing the place of your holiday.

Follow those 5 tips to make your life well and happy.