Apr 28, 2009

Manage Your Boss

Manage the boss? That word sounds impossible to most of people because usually the relation between employee and employer/boss are 'top-down' not 'bottom-up' and that is normally happen anywhere without exception.

But some recent research is mention it is very important to manage the boss and it should be done. Base on the effectiveness of cooperation at the office will be achieved when the employee take their time and attempt to foster a good relations with the boss or the employer.

Understanding your boss
To manage your boss need to understanding your boss. You also need to know the preferred style work of your boss so that the cooperation of work between you and your boss more effective.

Don't ever dream to change your boss
To understanding your boss, you also need to understand of your self.  You will become more aware on the attitudes and behaviors that can facilitate you or damage your relationship with your boss. Although the relationship between boss and his employee are reciprocal back, in many cases evidently the employee more dependent to the boss.

Donadzku also see the fact that the reaction of this dependency to his boss is often bear a protest, they see the boss as enemy and consequently often give negative impact to the career of the employee. Understand of yourself  make you be able to control yourself and back yourself in the normal condition right away before its to late. Give the impression that you are respect with your boss, dissent is reasonable because each person has their own views on an issue.

One more thing donadzku give this suggestion "be a smart employee because although you have a high level of knowledge or smart  it will not mean anything  if you are not clever  to maintain a good relationship with your boss or your co-workers".

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