Dec 21, 2009

Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction is the key to the ultimate success of a business. Customers who are satisfied by the company can be a great asset to the company's survival. One effort to make customer satisfaction is to create a total quality management by maintain and improve the overall quality, both quality of product and quality of customer service.

In achieving customer satisfaction we have to have a knowledge in dealing customers with their differences of nature and desire. Even, in some business such as insurance company, banking, automotive, etc maintaining a good relationship with the customer after sales is recommended, because a satisfied customer is certain will come back again to buy goods/services to us.

The meaning of satisfaction
Satisfaction assessed as having a relatively standard, meaning that each person/group have a differences the standard of their satisfaction. customer satisfaction has a unique meaning and can be said that customer satisfaction is as a fulfill condition customer needs with the criteria they want. The higher capacity needs are met then the higher satisfaction they got.

So that the most important of customer satisfaction is the quality of the product and the customer service. As for the things who related to customer satisfaction are :

Provide services to customers according to their class, such as : The elderly, children, foreign customer, handicap, etc.

Know the technique to please customer, for ex: greet the customers by name and in this case you can see my other article about the easy way to remember people name

Always have a good relationship with your customer after sales, with a good relationship it also means you make them satisfied.

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