Dec 24, 2009

Women And Shopping

Women are identical with shopping, probably because most of women like shopping and women also known as discount hunter, whether it's for hunting clothes, shoes, bags or just shopping for monthly demand. Most of women have an consumptive habit and tend to spend their money to buy unnecessary things. They even can spend hours just to buy a dress and are willing to spend half of their salary to buy something they want.

Actually there is nothing wrong with shopping habits or hunting discount as long as it is needed, such as : shopping for purposes like food, household appliance or whatever it is that we need at that time. And the most important thing we have to remember is shop in accordance with our financial ability. That's the wise thing we should do.

Women's shopping habits may also reflect the true nature and attitude in looking at money, whether they appreciate it or not. I myself was not among those that crazy shopping but that does not mean I do not like shopping. I will not be tempted by a big discount was offered if the item are really not needed.

Shopping was the most fun activity, but it also requires long enough time to do but it is also a duty/obligation that I have to do as a women, although I have to take care of house, my family and also my online business. I like a simple life, that's why I enjoy do my online business with e commerce service. Do the business, taking care of family and shopping is the world that women can not be avoided.

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